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Play against the Freeciv AI with 2D HTML5 graphics

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Start or join a game with multiple human or AI players.

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Play by email

Start a play-by-email game where you get an e-mail
when it is your turn to play.

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Available on mobile and tablet

Freeciv web is available on Android 

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What Others Say

“Freeciv is best 11 of top 50 free PC games!”

PC Gamer

“Freeciv available in HTML5 browsers, worldwide productivity plummets” – “a version of the classic turn-based strategy game that we can play in our browsers thanks to the witchcraft of HTML 5. There’s an installable version, too”

PC Gamer

“I love this game”

John Collins

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Latest News

Game XV has started and you can join it now!
Each player will play one turn every day.

This will be one of the greatest ever multiplayer game of Freeciv with 80 players on 17000 map tiles!