Freeciv-web server id: 6004

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Version Patches Capabilities State Ruleset Server ID
3.0.91-dev none +Freeciv.Web.Devel-3.1 Running Classic ruleset
Flag Leader Nation User Type
bosnia Džemal Bijedi? Bosnians Unassigned A.I.
trinidad_and_tobago Ellis Clarke Trinidadians and Tobagonians Unassigned A.I.
italy Giuseppe Mazzini Italians Unassigned A.I.
el_salvador Guna Salvadorans Guna Human
ghana Jerry Rawlings Ghanaian Unassigned A.I.
czech Ji?í z Pod?brad Czechs Unassigned A.I.
zambia Levy Mwanawasa Zambians Unassigned A.I.
bolivia Manuel Belzu Bolivians Unassigned A.I.
grisons Peider Lansel Romansh Unassigned A.I.
serbia Petar Kara?or?evi? Serbians Unassigned A.I.
gabon Rose Francine Rogombé Gabonese Unassigned A.I.
bulgaria Simeon Bulgarians Unassigned A.I.
barbarian Theodoric Barbarians Unassigned Dead

Name Value
aifill 12
allowtake H1Ah1adOo
endturn 1000
generator FRACTAL
maxplayers 32
minplayers 1
size 10
timeout 0
turn 88
year -3913
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